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June • 21 • Nodak
Perpetually gurmpy and kinda skittish.

fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: June

State the name that your parents almost named you: Jasmine (Shot down because my grandfather knew a prostitute with that name.)

Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? Mom!~ And the brohan of course.

Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Embarrassing? For once I don’t think so.

Do people praise you for your looks? Do I count as people? Because I’m all for self-praise lately.

What is your favourite colour of clothing to wear? I like greens but more than anything I wear grey.

Do you work out every week? I work out every single day, I haven’t missed one in four months.

Do you like your smile? Depends if it’s natural or forced. 

Do you like your eyes? Color yes, shape no.

Do you think you are attractive? Fuck you I’m adorable.

How much money is in your account? More than you’d think.

Are you single? Never been on a date so obviously.

Do you want kids? All aboard the nope train to fuckthatville. (Sometimes I like the idea, but that’s more because baby stuff is cute than it is any liking of children.)

What does your backpack look like: I haven’t owned a backpack for ten years.

What celebrity do you think is attractive? *glances at the harem* You don’t want to go there.

Last movie you saw in theatres: I think it was Man of Steel?

taewoon + sejoon jamming to 냠냠냠 


what is the actual purpose of fingernails other than to paint them pretty colors and claw out the eyes of your enemies

Your blog has the Zipyo seal of approval
Your blog has the Zipyo seal of approval


the oilers onesies are $100 what the fuck if I wanted to sleep with expensive disappointment I’d fuck one of the players



Lucky Squid Studios has launched it’s very first Kickstarter!

Our goal is to fund our adorable plush known as the Fruitimals! 

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At the end of the campaign, November 20th 11:59pm EST, we will select THREE winners from each social media site! The winners will get to select a prize from the “Fruit Bar” prize tier!

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Thank you and GOOD LUCK!! 


빅스(VIXX) ‘Error’ 안무 연습 영상 (Practice ‘Error’ dancing Video)

Watching these 2 wrestle socks on to this kid gives me life

Watching these 2 wrestle socks on to this kid gives me life

(๑•͈•͈) such an idiot (๑•͈•͈)