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Jungkook - I am king

  1. Bring the noonas out (snsd remix)
  2. Where my panties at ft. suga
  3. Bow down peasants (metal version)
  4. I’m golden
  5. 5 ft 8 and better than you

Jin - all pink everything

  1. Only one mango (boa remix)
  2. Jinderella
  3. Party in the kitchen
  4. Gwiyomi player (22 yr old idiot version)
  5. My awkward life

Jimin - #invisible

  1. I’m too sexy for my shirt
  2. Ooh yeahhhh
  3. Z is for zimin (the new and revised alphabet song for kids)
  4. A$$ big sean remix ft. chopsticks
  5. Can you hear me? (Ballad version)

Taehyung - out of this world

  1. Little ladybug fairy
  2. WOW 4D BABY (Big Bang remix)
  3. Not so innocent anymore ft. j hope
  4. Hehehehohohohahaha (a behind the scenes capture of v singing god knows what)
  5. Puberty happens ft jimin

Namjoon - it’s R-A-P monster

  1. My six bitches and I - cypher ft. suga and j hope
  2. Suck it up ft. jungkook and his vacuum
  3. Got my shades on
  4. I’m fcking real (explicit 19+)
  5. Teach me how to dance (teach me how to dougie remix explicit 19+)

J hope - hope for the future

  1. J horse to the rescue
  2. I’m your hope
  3. You are so wonderful (ladies code remix)
  4. Headbangerz (a confession of Beatles code occurrences)
  5. An unhopeful day ft. jimin


  1. Cash flow in this bitch
  2. Got them panties ft. jungkook
  3. Housewife hair swag
  4. Licking you (kissing you rap version)
  5. I’m sweet like sugar (explicit 19+)

uh so this just happened… idek


Yes she is.~ ^_^

Someone has decided to park her fluffy butt on me.

Only 160 or so pages of The Age of Radiance left. 

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Someone make this happen

If any of my bosses call tomorrow asking for favors I’m going to shove their fiber optic lights and flying discs up their asses.

Coup de Foudre | Do not edit or remove logo.

I was going to watch tv tonight but I think I’m just going to reread bad fanfics and pass out.

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Himchan being flawless ft. CreeperGuk

That was the worst day of work I have had in quite some time.